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Control Relays
Relays - 5400 Plug In Style Solid State Relay
Plug-in Style Solid State Relay - The Series 5400 provides a compact and economical package, utilizing an 8 pin mounting base for quick & simple installations. Its compact size and low energy sensing circuit make the 5400 ideal for use in space constricted installations found in dispensing machines and coffee makers, plus many types of operating equipment in the food, drug, dairy and chemical processing industries. LED indicator provides fast visual confirmation when the relay is energized. The unit is UL recognized.
In addition, Series 5400 Relays have a low energy sensing circuit with a lock-in holding feature that permits operation over a range of levels, or from momentary contact pilot devices such as float, actuators, etc. Thus they are equally suitable for use as original equipment components in many products and systems that require monitoring and control of such process variable as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, voltage and current.
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5400 Data Sheet


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Application Notes

Application Notes
Check-out application notes compiled using real-life situations our clients have efficiently resolved using various Gemco products, in these application areas:
  • Cranes
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Fiberglass Winders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Crusher/Baler
  • Stretch Hooding Machine
  • Electric Arc Furnace Cover
  • And more
PLS, PLC and Network Modules

PLS, PLC and Network Modules
  • 1746 LDT Interface Card
  • 1989 Quik-Set III Multi-Turn PLS
  • 1990DN DeviceNet Resolver
     Interface Module
  • 1991 Quik-Set IV UHS PLS
  • 1992 Press Set
  • 1995A/B/E/L Micro-Set PLS
  • 1996 Ram Set
  • 2110 Shut Height Monitor
  • 2120 PLC Interface Module
  • 2500 High Speed PLS
Rotary Feedback

Rotary Limit Switches, Position Sensors, Resolvers, Encoders
  • 1950 Precision Snap Switches
  • 1970 Drive-Chek Control
  • 1980 Rotating Cam Limit Switch
  • 1980R Rotating Cam Limit
     Switch with Resolver
  • 1983 Optical Limit Switch
  • 1986A standard foot mount
  • 1986B 2.25" sqr flange mount
  • 1986C 2.06" sqr flange mount
  • 1986D 2.50" dia face mount
  • 1986DN DeviceNet resolver
  • 1986E 100mm face mount
  • 1986G square flange mount
  • 1986GG multi-turn dual
  • 1986I 4.00" round face mount
  • 1986F standard block style
  • 1986H servo mount resolver
  • 1986MD mill duty housing
  • 1986XP explosion proof
  • 1997 Gate Hoist Rotating Cam
     Limit Switch, Designed to
     Meet Specifications of The
     Corps of Engineers

  • 2000 RLS
  • 2006 RLS
  • 3001 Adjustable Couplings
Linear Feedback

Linear Displacement Transducers
  • 925 Linear Cable Reel Sensor
  • 950IS Intrinsically Safe LDT
  • 950MD Mill Duty Housing LDT
  • 952 BlueOx LDT
  • 953N ReadyLink EtherNet/IP
    LDT with RapidRecall
  • 955 eBrik
  • 955A BRIK Gen III LDT
  • 955D BRIK Gen III LDT
  • 955DQ BRIK Gen III LDT
  • 955LC BRIK LDT
  • 955S Smart BRIK LDT
  • 955 BRIK Accessories
  • 956 BLOK Housing Option
  • 956S BLOK LDT
  • 957N ReadyLink EtherNet/IP
    LDT with RapidRecall
  • 957A, D & SSI Brik LDT
  • Rod Style LDT Accessories
  • LDT Magnets, Cables,
    Accessories and Parts
  • 958A Embedded LDT
Other Measurements

Other Measurements
  • 6012/6013 Electrode
  • 7010 Tilt Switch Float
  • 7014 Unifloat
  • 7100 Leak Detect Stik
  • 7230 HT Digital Probe
  • 7250 Digital Stik
  • 7330 Pro-Stik II
Press Safety Products

Press Safety Products
  • 1999 Semelex II Safetimeter
  • 1025 Foot and Palm Switches
Gemco Industrial Brakes

Gemco Industrial Brakes
Electro-Thrust Brakes (ET)
   - Thrust Shoe Brakes
Hydraulic Brakes (H, HM)
   - Hydraulic Shoe Brakes
   - Replacement Parts
Magnetic Brakes (TM)
   - Magnetic DC Shoe Brakes
   - Replacement Parts
Solenoid Brakes (CB)
   - Solenoid AC Shoe Brakes
   - MSDS Information
Control Relays

Control Relays
  • 1500 Induction Style Relay
  • 5200 Solid State Relay
  • 5400 Plug In Style Solid State
  • 5600 Solid State Relay
  • 8040 Standard Control and
    Alarm Panel
  • Motogard - Over-Temperature
Frequently Requested Quotations

Frequently Requested Quotations
  • Actuating Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Shoe Brakes
  • Solenoid DC Shoe Brakes
  • Solenoid AC Shoe Brakes
  • Various Replacement Parts
  • 1950 Series Snap Switches
  • And more
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